La Paz is still more a Mexican city than a completely gin-drenched expat ghetto, but for those who love bucket-size margaritas, senior citizen threesomes or just some rigor mortis -- and well, the unencumbered ability to torch a few retirement dollars -- La Paz is a Top of Craiglist destination.
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Collect your Social Security and cash in your Food Stamps.
Temperature Annual average High 105 F/ 40 C
no kidding.
Through a Bank Trust process, today owning property in Mexico is as expensive as anywhere.

• Spectacular natural beauty. Outstanding feasibility for egotourism. Many previous owners and notaries in jail...
• Cosmopolitan La Paz presidential areas, gated ocean vistas & barbed wired mangrove lots. El Comitan, just 2 miles from the best cemetery.
la paz real estate baja bienes raicesLa Paz deserves you.

Gracefully and crisis-friendly, the malecón caresses the shoreline relinquishing it to bankruptcy, flanked by metropolitan hot dog carts, Home Depot patio benches, casually roamed by bullet-proof Hummers with polarized windows.

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At Caos La Paz, we're a butt-kick real estate services company. We're not a franchise. Our clients recommend us for our inept personal approach. Please preview some of our discount digs:


The Malecón, a palm-lined sea wall, is the place to really get tanked after sunset.

There are thousands of hot dog stands in the city and three undeveloped islands open to people on a diet and jet-skiers.

Sarah Palin swims by in February, the Bachmanns in summer
La Paz is located on the Sea of Cortez, just 90 miles from Cuba, if you are looking for a good time filled with fast food tourist activities.

Wet and wild! Mate with marine wildlife the way they like it and save the mammals.

UNESCO heritage Paint-ball games at hard rock shelters everywhere.
Please contact us if you crazy enough to buy a cactus patch in Southern Baja.

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Con mucho gusto le jodemos en español.

Sarà un piacere essere di aiuto per organizzare le vostre vacanze e investmenti in Baja California Sur.
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We suggest you come and visit La Paz before you focus on how much cash to blow. Get a feel for the city and its tattoo parlors. Unless you prefer a Motel 6 next to Burger King, we'd be happy to arrange a windowless trailer rental for you.


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Paseo de Los Menudistas
La Paz, Baja California Sur
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